Dental Implants Have Made My Life Better

dental-implantsAs a student, I am in the phase of my life that requires me to excel in the things I do inside and outside the school. To succeed in everything I do, I need to have a stable level of self-confidence. Having a nice and healthy set of teeth is a huge contributing factor in the way I feel about myself. However, I used to have ugly teeth because I love eating candies when I was a little kid. There were also a lot of times that I don’t brush my teeth, which caused the accumulation of cavities. These later on damaged many of my teeth. Gladly, I was able to realize that having poor and ugly teeth will make me look unappealing and unattractive. I was already a high school student when I acquired the discipline of regularly brushing my teeth. This didn’t save some of my teeth that had already suffered from too much decay. They had to be removed. I felt bad and down for quite a while until I learned about dental implants. 

One of my schoolmates and co-member at the school choir told me about implants that can replace lost teeth. He explained to me that these are very safe and won’t cause any harmful and severe side effects. If ever there are risks of dental implants, he said that these are very few and manageable. He advised that I visit a credible clinic to know more about dental implants and to have very clear explanations and answers on the matters that concern me. When I came home, I told my parents about it and I was very happy because they were so supportive of me. They were even the ones who recommended the best dentist they know. Though we have regular dental check-ups, it was only during my high school days that I got so worried and bothered by the incomplete set of teeth I have. The decayed and too damaged ones were removed, which left me with an incomplete, unattractive set of teeth.  

When I visited the clinic, I learned so many things that convinced me to resort to implants to have a complete set of teeth again. I also became part of MyDental Group on Sydney Rd because the dentist I consulted with advised me to. What truly convinced me are the numerous benefits of having implants as replacement to lost teeth. One of the benefit is a significant improvement in appearance, which is one of the major things that matter to me when it comes to having or not having a complete set of teeth. Implants are able to improve appearance because they are designed to naturally fuse with the bone and, thus, become permanent part of the mouth. In this way, they feel and look like the other teeth. Another benefit that made me very happy is the improvement in speech. In the past, when I didn’t have implants yet, there were a lot of times that I had problems in pronouncing words and speaking fluently in front of the class and in front of huge audiences. But after I had my implants, I noticed a huge difference because it is very easy for me to speak clearly.  

Another benefit that have also made my life a lot better is the easier way of eating. Dental implants are far better than sliding dentures that make chewing of food very difficult. But with implants, it’s like eating with my own natural teeth. This allowed me to eat my favorite food. However, I also made sure that I eat more of the healthy and organic food to keep the good health condition of my teeth and my whole body in general. Because I am now able to eat easily, I can make sure that I provide my body with the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs. With a complete set of functional teeth, I am able to nourish my body.  

One of the most important benefit of having implants is the improvement in my oral health. Tooth-supported bridge require alteration of nearby teeth, which affects the overall oral health. But with dental implants, the natural teeth are left intact and unaltered. This maintains the healthy condition of the teeth and mouth. Implants also make it easier to access the spaces between teeth. In this way, improvement of the oral hygiene is possible.  

Lastly, having strong, healthy and complete set of teeth has made me more confident. It has helped me gain a higher level of self-esteem. Now that I am in the university, I don’t worry about speaking in front of the class or engaging in activities like school debates and educational discussions.                                 

During the time that I didn’t know about dental implants I had to live an uncomfortable life because of my very low self-esteem. But now that I have a complete set of teeth because of implants, I am able to live a better life.