Regain Control of Your Life by Undergoing Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Pain in the spinal region is a phenomenon that can have a negative effect on our lives. We couldn’t enjoy life the way that we want to. We do not have to remain hostages to this type of pain.

There are therapeutic approaches available that can help us manage pain in our backs. One of them is physiotherapy.There are some friends of mine who do not believe in the benefits that physiotherapy can provide them.

Maybe it is because they still have to experience the therapeutic services of the best physio in Footscray. Regardless, physiotherapy is one of the most effective remedies for spinal and muscular problems.

Physical therapy involves the manipulation of certain tissues of the body. These can include the muscles and the joints. If we are to understand why we have back pain, it is often the result of problems in the muscles that insert into the spine. There are other reasons why we may have pain in the back, of course.

However, most of the back pain that we experience is due to a problem in either the joints of the spine or the muscles of the spine and surrounding body regions.

In such cases, physiotherapy can help. I can say with all honesty that physiotherapy has helped me address many of my back problems.First, a physiotherapist can mobilise the joints of the back. The spine comes with many discs that do not have plenty of space to move about.

This is unlike the other joints in our body where there is ample space for motion. The small space in between the spinal discs can make it a lot easier to cause pain because of the resulting friction.

Physiotherapists can help by manipulating these spinal discs and improve their movement.At the same time, the manipulation can also address stiff or sore muscles. It is almost similar to having a good massage where you tend to fall asleep afterwards.

The manipulation of the soft tissues of the back helps you relax and feel calmer. In a way, you will not be feeling the pain anymore. Pain gets replaced by pleasant feelings.

Physiotherapists do not only help address back pain. They also help you improve the way you move.I can still recall how my physiotherapist in Footscray taught me how to perform certain exercises.

I had to integrate these exercises into my daily regimen to help me strengthen my muscles. As I found out, strengthening the muscles can also help prevent back pains.

Of particular importance is how I was able to improve the range of motion of my joints. As I already mentioned, the joints between the individual spinal discs are smaller than what we have in our elbows and knees.

However, my physiotherapist was able to teach me how I can perform range-of-motion exercises for my back.For those who have chronic back pain, physiotherapy can be very useful, too. They can teach you progressive strengthening exercises to help you develop and strengthen your core muscles.

These are the group of muscles that make up our midsection. Strengthening these muscles can help stabilise your body.They are better able to support your weight. It is also a lot easier to maintain the correct posture.

Speaking of posture, this is also one of the reasons why we can get back pain. Slouching can put stress on the muscles of our back. They can over-extend and lead to discomfort or pain.

I know it is natural for us to slouch after a few hours working in front of the computer or looking at the phone. However, a physiotherapist can help you develop a mindset that makes you more conscious about correct posture. Believe me, this can help.

There are many ways physiotherapy can help you manage your back pain. The best part is that there are no pills to pop, hence no side effects to worry about.

If you are serious in regaining control of your life and freeing yourself from back pain, then you should consider undergoing physiotherapy.

Waxing For Men: A Modern Day Treatment For The Modern Man

Getting rid of undesirable hair from almost all parts of the male body imaginable is a vexing and laborious job. Not to mention, when somebody is especially gifted in the hair category as I am (it’s the genes). But thanks to today’s advancements, body hair growing out of hand can be easily taken care of using several hair removal treatments, one of which is waxing.

Male Waxing

The first time I heard about male waxing, it seemed funny and ridiculous that salons now offer such a treatment for all the blokes out there. I was like, “What are they thinking? Isn’t that solely for women?” But surprisingly, the percentage of the male population nowadays going for the same grooming luxuries (e.g. waxing) as the ladies has significantly increased as it is becoming more acceptable as a unisex treatment instead of a strictly feminine affair. Male waxing, or sometimes referred to as “manscaping” has gained its momentum and is now as natural as men wearing pink shirts.

Being the Chewbacca and at the same time clean-cut guy that I am, it means a lot of time is spent trying to manage all the hair in my body before it gets out of control. That entails a lot of shedding. It means getting itchy often because of new hair growing. It means a GREAT deal of shaving. At one point, I just got sick and tired of it all. It was just too much hair and too much time and effort trying to manage hair growth. So I went and searched for other options on how I can get rid of the hair as few and far in between as possible. That’s when I discovered male waxing – and it totally changed the way I look at male hair removal.

Pros and Cons of Waxing

Other males out there might laugh, raise an eyebrow or mock guys who choose to go for a waxing treatment. You know, because of that thing called machismo. But there are many benefits of waxing for us gents that I can personally attest to. Based on my personal experience, here are the top advantages of waxing above other hair removal treatments for men:

    • No more cuts, nicks, scrapes, irritated skin, and worse, ingrown hair as a result of shaving
    • I can enjoy four to six weeks of freedom from hairy chest, back, and legs
    • Because the hair is removed at the root with waxing, I don’t experience a lot of itching once the hair starts to grow back
  • It saves me a lot of time compared to when I shave

But of course, like any other treatment, men’s waxing also comes with its cons:

    • You’ll have to prepare yourself for the pain. Although I would say after the initial session, I got used to it after time. But you know what they say, “No pain, no gain.”
    • Depending on how much hair will be removed, it can cost between $50 to $200
  • It can feel awkward, especially if done in a waxing salon. Although, professional waxers like those at Doncaster waxing clinic will do their best to make clients feel most comfortable

DIY Waxing or Professional Waxing?

For men who want to try waxing but don’t want to shell out a lot of money the first time, they might choose to go for at-home DIY waxing. However, I wouldn’t recommend this method for first timers as it can get nasty, mainly because of lack of experience. But if you are brave enough and trust yourself that you can manage, then this will be the cheaper option. Meanwhile, for those who are willing to pay to get it done by a professional, there are enough waxing salons these days that cater to male clients although prices may vary depending on the area you want to have waxed or the location of the salon you want to go to.

As a guy I know it sounds ludicrous but, in this case, male waxing definitely wins over shaving. Pain aside, its advantages weigh far more than shaving and other hair removal methods that I have tried in the past. But unless you try it, you’ll never know if waxing is right for you or not.

A Guide To Buying An Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is one of my preferred ways to stay fit without having to go to the gym, especially during nasty weather or lazy days. Pedalling is an easy task that I love to combine with watching my favourite movies. It also gives me a good workout, as most exercise bikes have a variety of pre-programmed routines. There are also models where I can program one manually and track important information like burned calories, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, cardio/heart rate control, and recovery mode.

If you are in the market for an exercise bike to buy in Australia, I can assure you that you have tons of models to choose from, with models ranging in price. For as low as $90, you can find a basic model, although decent beginner-level models cost between $400-$1000. The more features you want, the higher the price goes.

Recent models have definitely improved in the past years, with exercise bikes nowadays using magnetic resistance technology instead of real wheels. This means they are a lot quieter and safer. Moreover, you can opt for a recumbent bike, where you are sitting back and your legs are in front of you while you are cycling. In my experience, these bikes are certainly more comfortable and friendlier to your back than the traditional bikes that are upright. This is another huge reason I believe exercise bikes are a great option for home exercise.

Important Things To Look Out For

Unless you have some knowledge or experience with exercise bikes, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the huge selection to choose from. It is tough to know what you should really look out for when buying one, but I can help make it easier for you. While the price tag is certainly a huge factor, you should also consider other aspects that distinguish a good bike from a low-quality one.

As much as possible, buy an exercise bike you have personally seen and tried out. Buying one blind over the Internet is a risk or at least a hassle if you end up wanting to send it back. Moreover, going to a store is better because you can get advice on finding the best model for you and you have someone who can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each bike.

Based on my experience trying out different exercise bikes, I suggest you also check these factors out during your search.


Most of the factors that determine your choice are personal. My point is what feels good and comfortable for you might not be the same for me, so you should try using the exercise bike for a few minutes to see how it feels for you. If you are buying one for you and your partner, settle for one that can be adjusted for the both of you. Those who have issues with their backs should also opt for models that are very adjustable, from the seat position and angle, all the way to the position of the handlebars.

Cushioned Seat

A well-cushioned seat makes your ride more comfortable. If you like fast cycling like I do, then a wider seat might be preferable. There is nothing I hate more than a sore behind after a session.


Another thing you need to try out is the pedals. Most models have normal ones without clips (which can be found in higher-end bikes), so choose one that is wide enough for your feet so that they do not slip off.

Added Features 

All electric bikes have an LCD screen that shows you a summary of your workout and allows you to make adjustments to your ride. However, advanced models have some extra additions that might interest you, like a wireless heart rate receiver you attach your chest.

I find working out on an exercise bike both fun and exhilarating. Exercise bikes have developed a lot over the years so it is a good time to buy one. While they might be a bit of an investment, they do save you from a trip to the gym and are great to use while enjoying your favourite TV show at home.

Overcoming Sports Injury with the Support of Your Physiotherapist

sports-injuryOne of the downsides and risks of playing sports is getting injured. In fact, professional athletes know that their careers will eventually be much shorter than those who do office work. This is either because they are no longer at the peak of health and performance, or because an injury prevents them from playing.

After all, sports injuries are much worse than ordinary ones. Athletes have to perform at a high level and train constantly, keeping the demand on their bodies high. This brings much more and consistent stress on their joints, bones, and muscles, sometimes all the way to their limit. Fortunately, most professional athletes and sports teams take great care of their players, making sure that medical professionals and other experts support them and as much as possible, prevent injury.

Non-professional athletes also need to have access to such help. Thankfully, the best physiotherapist in Werribee – Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation has the qualifications, background, and experience dealing with sports injuries. Beyond this, they can also educate athletes on how to prevent injury in the first place or even to improve their performance. They can also work with all sportsmen/women, regardless which sport they play and regardless of the level of competition.

Sports physiotherapists deal with all kinds of injuries, from muscle strains or ligament sprains, all the way to dislocations and even fractures. Naturally, the treatment will depend on the kind of injury, however, the patient is always a part of the decision-making process. They always have a say on the approach and intervention that the clinic will use. The physiotherapist will be there at every step of the way, monitoring progress and guiding the rehabilitation process.

As an athlete, I had personally experienced working with the sports physiotherapist in Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation. When I had an injury while playing football, I made an appointment immediately for treatment. First of all, I was not sure how bad it really is, and I wanted to be treated by a professional who will make sure that my body heals correctly. I also wanted to be able to play again after the accident, so I wanted to be able to train slowly back to playing.

On the first appointment, the focus is identifying the injury. The physiotherapist interviewed me on what led to the injury, as well as other relevant information like my medical history. In order to fully pinpoint the extent of the damage, a physical evaluation was also done, and the body part was examined.

After the exam, a treatment plan will be created, incorporating as well my goals. As mentioned before, I wanted to be able to fully heal and be able to go back to playing sport as soon as possible. Together, we discussed different options and agreed on the right approach for me. These plans are always personalized, because each patient has a different injury and at the same time, unique goals.

Still, there are several treatments that are quite normally used by sports physiotherapists:

  1. TENS

TENS is the acronym for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. This is a small device that delivers a low current of to the skin over the injured part. It brings a tingling sensation and will help relieve pain.

  1. Ultrasound

This machine brings sound vibrations to tissues. The ultrasound heats deeper tissues to soften them or to help them heal.

  1. Massage

Also called soft tissue mobilization, your physiotherapist will use his/her hands to loosen tight muscles, reduce swelling and tissue adhesions, and relieve patients from pain.

  1. Stretching

After an injury, many athletes become less mobile and inactive. Over time, muscles become tight, so stretching is done to loosen them. Using either manual stretching by the physiotherapist himself/herself or through self-stretching exercises, the range of motion (ROM) can be improved again.

  1. Range Of Motion Exercises

These exercises work to improve or at least, keep your current joint range of motion. Moreover, stiff joints and muscles can be avoided.

  1. Strengthening Exercises

Beyond losing range of motion, muscles become weak when they are not being used or trained. Strengthening exercises will keep other muscles worked out and at the same time, make weakened or injured ones stronger.

  1. Patient Education

Although exercises will also be done at the physiotherapy clinic, they will also teach you how to work out at home. Not only does it allow you to continue after the treatment, they might also be necessary to make the recovery shorter. Therefore, they will educate you on your injury and what exercises can be done to keep the area strong. Moreover, if the injury is because of wrong movements, they will teach you the right way that will avoid future damage. Even self-treatment and other ways to prevent future injuries will be included.

For athletes, injury happens more often and might be worse than for those who do not play sport and put their bodies in so much stress and strain. It is therefore even more vital to always turn to those who are experts in the way bodies move when any damage happens. This is the only way to make sure that proper healing happens and that athletes are able to perform the same or even better after the accident.

Visiting that New Physio Clinic in the Neighbourhood

Physio ClinicCatching up with an old pal and seeing what they are up to can lead to new discoveries. This certainly came true for me recently. A friend I met up with told me about his new physio clinic, knowing that I am an athlete who might be interested in their business. He invited me afterward to visit Capital Physiotherapy new practice in Balwyn area. After he talked a bit about what they do, I decided to come by and see for myself.

I had heard about physio treatments before, although I thought their main clientele were those who need to undergo rehabilitation. But as my friend explained, I learned that they could also help those who are pregnant, older people and athletes. It was certainly an eye-opener to discover the breadth of their services.

Situated in the suburban area of Balwyn, I look forward being able to undergo some treatments in the close vicinity of my home. I could simply make an appointment on the way to or from my place. It would certainly be handy to not have to travel so far. As I train for various tournaments and runs, I can supplement that with the support of experts. The one-on-one approach to the procedure is also perfect for me to understand how I can improve and strengthen myself. 

How can someone like you or me benefit from having such a clinic in the neighborhood? As most of us are unaware of, physiotherapy is the treatment and management of various disorders of muscles, joints, and nerves. The goal is to restore their normal function if they have been compromised by injury, disease or even by aging. This means they offer services on the following: 

Pain Treatment

Any dysfunction in the above-mentioned parts of our body is manifested through pain. Sometimes we end up feeling stiffness in the back or neck, headaches or aching in other joints. Going to the clinic, you can expect that this pain will be reduced through various procedures, and at the same time, thoroughly assessed. Perhaps it might be a sign of an underlying condition, or because of an old injury or through misuse as well. You can expect a detailed diagnosis and their recommended approach to help manage whatever it is that causes the throbbing.


Post-operation patients can avail of rehab sessions to get them back to full mobility. The therapists will plan exercises based on your goals and needs. Moreover, they are within your current capabilities, increasing in intensity as you gain your strength.

A customized Clinical Pilates program can be used as part of the rehabilitation. Incorporating sport and play, these sessions can help improve your core strength and posture too. Athletes who are undergoing rehabilitation or therapy after a sports injury can benefit from such sessions and furthermore prevent future sprains and improve their performance.

Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture has been found to relieve expecting women of back pain common especially during the last trimester. At the same time, it is said to help shorten labor by preparing the body to give birth. Capital Physiotherapy has procedures specifically targeted to pregnant clients that are also proven safe to mother and baby. Pregnant mothers are then given physiotherapy care from the onset of their pregnancy up to the tome when they are about to give birth. s

Massage Therapy

The general massage parlor or spa offers these sessions that are mainly all about relieving any aches or swelling in the body. However, in a physiotherapy clinic, they go beyond that and their procedures can help and additionally, enhance your joint and muscle function. Moreover, it can help improve your general body tone and expand your range of movement. They are also sometimes offered in combination with other treatments to manage pain as well.

Sports Physiotherapy

Athletes like me sometimes put their bodies in extreme stress, increasing the risk of damage or sprains. Practices like taping can help prevent injury and reduce strain on tissues that are already damaged or vulnerable. Consulting with a physiotherapist can help identify possible weak areas and protect you as you practice your sport. After all, prevention is not only better than cure, but it can keep you doing what you enjoy. Most sportsmen or women had, in the past, to give up once they had accidents that ended up being irrecoverable.

It is easy to look past the physio clinic in the neighborhood, thinking that we might never really need to go in. But you might be surprised how they can help improve your life, even if you are not a professional athlete or in need of rehabilitation. They can help finally put an end to that persistent back ache that has been plaguing you for years, and furthermore just help you become healthier and more active for more years to come. After all, physiotherapy’s goal is to restore and maintain the normal function of your body, specifically those that are responsible for our mobility.

The Wonders of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Ensuring Healthy Pregnancy

pregnancy acupunctureI can’t help but be amazed with how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help women in boosting their fertility and ensuring their healthy pregnancy. Though I’m a guy in his mid-30s, I can attest that traditional medical practices from China are effective in helping women who have fertility and pregnancy problems. One proof is my friend who once became frustrated because she thought she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and have her own family.

My friend was in her early 30s when she decided that she wants to have a baby. She and her husband, who is also a good friend of mine, planned about her pregnancy. For weeks, they spent nights with each other hoping that my friend will soon get pregnant. However, weeks of waiting turn into months and she started to feel really frustrated. There were times that she was on the verge of crying when she is confiding with me how she feels. I told her not to lose hope and that there are ways that can help her. I remember that another close friend of mine told me about eastern traditional medical practices. So, I told my frustrated friend to consider Chinese herbs to help pregnancy.   

She started asking our other friends who work in the healthcare industry. We also did some online research to know more about these traditional practices. We were surprised that there is a high rate of success in fertile and pregnant women who have resorted to herbs and sterilized needle. My friend was inspired with other women’s success stories and was encouraged to do the same. After some more discussions, we then started looking for the best acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic to help with pregnancy.

It was easy for us to know about the reliable traditional medicine clinics in our area. When we have decided which clinic to consider, we contacted them immediately and informed them that we will visit the next day. Luckily, the schedule in the clinic is not full yet. They replied that they can accommodate us.

My friend was very excited that she woke up early the next day. She was full of hope when we entered the clinic. We were greeted and assisted as soon as we got inside. The receptionist talked to us for a while. She asked about my friend’s basic information and had her fill out a form for their records. Then, we were instructed to go to the physician’s room to proceed with the consultation.

My friend easily felt at ease because the physician is also a woman. The doctor asked several questions about my friend’s health particularly about how she cares for her private organ. She was also asked about her menstrual cycle, the kind of food she eats, the activities she does, and everything about her lifestyle that may have an effect on her fertility. She also answered questions about her family’s history.

After the interview, the doctor shared to us the powers of acupuncture. We’ve learned that it does not simply involves the use of long and thin needles. The needles have to be sterilized and a set is used for a single person only. Sharing is not allowed because it might cause transfer of viruses from one client to another client. We were amazed that the insertion of sterilized needles on certain points of the body can actually boost the chances of a woman to get fertile, get pregnant, and give birth to a healthy baby. Regular sessions of acupuncture greatly helps in the normal flow and circulation of the blood from the heart, to the nerves, and to the different organs and systems of the body. In this way, essential vitamins and minerals are transported efficiently to the different parts of the body. Having a healthy and well-nourished system is essential for proper development of fertilization. When there is optimal blood and oxygen flow to the reproductive organs, then a woman can expect a really successful pregnancy.

We also took note of the new knowledge we’ve learned about the disadvantages of hormonal imbalance. The doctor emphasized that the imbalance can be prevented through avoidance of stress. If there is too much stress, the body is forced to produce high levels of prolactin. It is a hormone that impedes ovulation. We asked about the effective ways to have a stress-free lifestyle particularly for a woman who wants to get pregnant. She shared that a healthy diet coupled with regular exercise is important. To further boost my friend’s chances, the physician recommended several herbs that are beneficial to the reproductive organs.

We were very happy when we left the clinic. I saw in my friend’s eyes the optimism she never had during the time we haven’t learned about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Today, she is expecting to give birth in less than a month.

Recommended Exercises for People Over 40

exercise above 40Young or old, you need to exercise regularly so that your body can keep its good health and capability to accomplish many things. However, it is important that you know the types of exercise or workout routines that you should be doing according to your age or age bracket. This means that the workouts you did in your 20s is different from those you did in your 30s and those you are now doing in your 40s. It keeps changing as you grow older.

For those in their 20s, they have to focus on power and agility for them to always feel great about their bodies. For 30 year olds, the focus should be on strength and stamina while for 40 year olds like you, your workouts should focus on flexibility and strength. What are the reasons for these differences in the way the body should be worked out? One major factor is the wear and tear process that makes it hard for the body to do things easily.

You may now ask about the best or recommended exercise for people over 40. But before that, it is important to have a clear idea about the kind of body you have when you are already in your 40s. If you’re in this age range already, you have nerve fibers that have lower effectiveness, heart beat that is slower, and muscle mass that is lower than the previous years. These changes cause reduced blood flow and delivery of nutrients and diminished coordination. With these, the workout routines you have to perform must emphasize on flexibility. In this way, you are making your body able to still complete even the complex tasks.

60-minute Workout for Strength and Flexibility

Since you are older, you don’t have to push yourself to exercise on a daily basis. This one hour program can be done three times a week. During breaks, you can still do other activities that can make you sweat. You can jog for a few minutes, complete several laps on the swimming pool, or simple trekking on nearby hills or elevated areas in your community.

During your regular exercise day, do the following:

Cardio for Strong and Healthy Heart

For this goal, you can alternately perform biking, rowing and running. These are recommended for people like you because your body can still deliver and successfully accomplish each exercise. For starters, achieve the pace that can allow you to keep a conversation for around five minutes. Follow this with 60-second sprint and repeat it five times. Allow two minutes for active recovery of your worked muscles.

Core for Well-toned Muscles

The usual core exercise to keep your body in great shape is planks. Do it for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. For each session, hold your position for 30 seconds. Follow it with side planks. Do three repetitions for each side and hold your position for 10 to 30 seconds. This works the inner part of your muscles, which in turn keeps those sexy curves.

Flexibility for Ease in Movement

Before you do your stretching, complete foam rolling for 10 minutes. Follow it with 10 hip stretches and 10 lateral squats. Then, do hamstring stretches and doorway pec stretches also with 10 counts each. Lastly, do 3 B ridges and hold your position for 10 seconds each time.

Strength for Strong Body

Whether you are 41 or 49, you can still perform strength exercises such as push ups. Make sure that your feet is elevated on a bench with 12-inch height. Follow this with split or single-leg squats, inverted rows, and single straight-leg deadlifts. Perform each type with 3 sets and 10 repetitions for each set.

If you follow these recommended workouts, you can maintain not just a healthy but also an able body. To get the best results, do the flexibility exercises first for 15 minutes. Then follow it with strength for 25 minutes. Lastly, do cardio for 20 minutes.

The key in doing exercises during your 40s is to always start every session with a self-massage for 10 minutes. Use a foam roller to help your body achieve a normal blood flow. This happens when the roller smoothens the tangles and knots in your body that restrict normal bloodflow. The roller is very important because it relieves shoulder tension, stretches tight hamstrings, and soothes back pain.

To supplement your workout program, consume around 10 servings of vegetable and fruits every day. This is to make up for the lost energy and to supply the required amount of nutrients to keep joints and worked muscles healthy.

At the age 40, keeping up a healthy lifestyle is not hard to do. With discipline and determination, this can surely be achieved. Thus, you need not restrict yourself from activities you want to enjoy.

Beauty Tricks Every Women Should Follow

beauty-e1449778522145-600x300Beauty is simple to achieve. Most women are born with natural beauty. Some try to enhance their beauty by using beauty products. It is necessary to maintain your beauty with right products. Do not choose any over the counter products. You have to know whether it is right for your skin. If you know your skin type, you can easily select the right product.

At present, there are hundreds of beauty products easily available. Do not purchase just by seeing the wrapper or outer appearance.

It is recommended to use a good eyeliner that makes your eyes appear larger. It helps to create a beautiful big eyes effect. Purchase eyeliner from leading brands. You need to check whether the product is sensitive or right for your skin. People wearing contact lens find hard to get the right eye makeup products.

You have to test by applying in one eye. Wait for an hour. If you feel okay, you can continue to use the same product. It is not advised to purchase cheap eye makeup products. They are dangerous for your skin and eyes. Remember, each and every part of your body is important. You need to be careful when selecting and applying makeup.

tips-makeup2Ensure to avoid thick or streaky nail polish. Remain patient while applying polish to your nail. It should be applied as thin as possible. When you apply it think, it has chances to streak. If you are applying two coats, you need to wait for a minute or two before the second coat. Do not apply nail polish in a hurry. It is best to plan your dress and nail color a day before. You can apply without hurry.

When you are using bobby pins, ensure it remains invisible. It should not be shiny or attractive. It remains as a distraction. It should be inserted behind your hair.

Eyebrows are important to get a beautiful look. It should be shaped according to your facial structure. It should look natural. You can apply olive oil or castor oil every night to improve the thickness of your eyebrows. You need to trim once or twice in a month to get a fab look.

If you have dry or frizzy hair, apply hair conditioner and make it look soft. It is important to use mild and branded products for your hair. Do not use shampoo that has powerful chemicals. Mild shampoos do not affect or hurt your hair. You can shampoo your hair once or twice in a week. If you have long hair, ensure to brush using wide tooth comb.

Do not brush harshly. You have to take care of your hair in a gentle manner. Do not try all the shampoos and oils you see in advertisements. It is best to stick with same shampoo. When you keep changing, it has chances to affect the roots. If you find ageing symptoms in your skin, you need to use anti-aging wrinkle creams. It is best to visit a dermatologist and get a right anti-aging cream as per your skin type. They would test your skin and suggest the right cream.