Discovering the Different Health Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

A healthy workforce is crucial to the success of any business organisation. This is what many of our clients tell us every time they seek our commercial cleaning services.

They have already discovered the many health benefits that only an experienced commercial cleaning provider can offer. If you are still at a loss as to what health benefits commercial cleaning can provide for your organisation, then this article is for you.

Lower Risk of Infections

One of the most important health benefits of commercial cleaning is the reduction of infection risk. We cannot promise to eliminate all the germs in your building. However, what we can promise is to perform a very comprehensive cleaning.

Regular cleaning can only kill about 50 percent of germs. This is because the in-house cleaning services may not use the right solutions to help get rid of 80 to 90 percent of harmful microorganisms. It would be difficult to obtain the kind of commercial cleaning benefits that your company needs if you do not use the right solutions.

Commercial cleaning services utilise only the toughest solutions. They are tough against common pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In addition to the use of these solutions, technicians also make sure that every surface in your office will get the kind of disinfection it needs.

Disinfection is a must in any commercial space. You cannot kill germs just by sweeping and vacuuming. They can find their way onto other surfaces, waiting for one of your employees to touch them. And when this employee gets exposed to these germs, then you are now risking their spread.

One has to employ the right process to reach certain areas that traditional cleaning methods don’t address.  Air conditioning vents, spaces behind office furniture, and the spaces underneath furnishings are all possible hiding places for these infectious microorganisms.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

A good commercial cleaning service will help organise your office in a more efficient manner. This organisation minimises clutter and makes efficient use of space. Moreover, it allows your employees to see where they are going. This can minimise bumping into furnishings.

Commercial cleaning services can also help you check the integrity of your fixtures and furnishings. If everything is in tip-top shape, then you can ensure a much safer workplace for everyone. This can have an impact on your employees’ health.

Bumping into furnishings can lead to bruises. If the employee has a clotting disorder, the resulting tissue injury may lead to a large bruise. People with diabetes will often find it very difficult to heal their wounds.

Employees can also hurt themselves if they hit a sharp object. They can get scratches or a deep cut. They can also fall on the floor. This can increase the risk of hairline fractures as well as muscle soreness and pain. All of these can have an effect on their ability to complete their tasks.

Less Stress

Employees do not like working in a dirty and cluttered environment. It takes them out of their focus and concentration. Instead of focusing on the job at hand, part of their brain will be processing the different sensory stimuli coming from their surroundings.

The brain will try to make sense of the foul odour coming from the trash can. It will also try to focus on a particular object in a pile of documents. These can make people’s lives more stressful. And if your employees are stressed out, they will not be able to work as efficiently as you’d want them to.

Commercial cleaning companies can help you create a work environment that is more conducive to your employees. They can focus on their work. They do not have to worry about clutter, foul odour, and the risk of injuries and infections ever again.

Commercial cleaning services provide many health benefits to everyone in a particular organisation. This is one of the ways businesses can make sure that their operations remain on track.


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