Why Do Most Women Opt for Laser Hair Removal? Here’s Why!

Laser hair removal has been around for years! More than a million women had the treatment in the year 2018. Unfortunately, I was a little late on the bandwagon and only had mine for a year or so.

Despite that fact, I’m extremely happy about the results and talk it up with many friends who are also considering going the laser hair removal route.

But what exactly made it such a big winner for me? Here are some of my observations after going through laser hair removal.

It’s very effective.

Laser hair removal is permanent but it’s non-invasive. While I can’t claim to be a doctor, I understand that the process works by killing off the root of the hair that initiates growth. No, this isn’t harmful at all; it just makes the root inactive so no hair will grow on that area of the body.

While it’s not perfect, more than 90 percent of women who go through laser hair removal no longer have to worry about straying hair – forever! While I can’t claim forever yet, I haven’t found any growing hair on my treated area since I had it.

Pain is really minimal.

No kidding – there is some pain and discomfort. After the treatment, the doctor told me to rub some ointment on the area if I feel any irritation or redness, but that’s all of it. Sure, it takes a few days to fully recover but it shouldn’t stop you from doing ordinary tasks.

The laser process itself isn’t painful, just uncomfortable. You’d feel like there’s a rubber band being slapped on the zapped portion of the skin, but that’s as painful as it gets.

It pays for itself.

Considering how much shaving cream and how many shaving blades I bought before getting laser hair treatment – I’d say the process is well worth the cost. Not to mention the fact that I would often nick myself while shaving tough areas.

Taking all these into consideration – the treatment pays for itself over a period of years, not just in cost but in the sheer freedom and convenience it brings into my life.

It’s quick.

While a complete treatment takes several sessions, each session lasts only a few hours – depending on the surface area of skin that would be treated.

I found the treatment sessions to be very convenient – especially with a doctor that works around your schedule.

It’s just smooth all over!

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had the problem of ingrown hair that’s very itchy and painful to remove. They say you can get it when you shave and plucking is also a bad idea because it can damage the skin.

So really – what other option is out there? After laser hair removal, the skin of my armpits is wonderfully smooth and I never had to worry about ingrown again.

No lasting marks.

It hurts and irritation is to be expected after a session but after a few days of healing, there are no visible marks on the surface area. After a few weeks – it’s just smooth and white skin that feels great to the touch. No scars, welts, or any kind of injury anywhere.

Of course, I heard that in order to guarantee zero injury, you’ll need to find a good and reputable doctor to do the job. Fortunately, I managed to find one in my city!

It can be done – everywhere. Some girls have it done on their armpits, others on their legs, and others on their bikini area. The precision is really impressive as the laser treatment can be done on any area of the body where hair grows.

For more information about hair removal, try checking a laser hair removal clinic in Point Cook and consulting with professionals there to get a better perspective about the process. I find that it’s better to look into the background of the skin care company before committing to the process.


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