Blow Drying for Males

There’s a common notion that men do not have to blow dry their hair. This notion seems reasonable too because with what little hair we have, there is really nothing to fuss about. It actually sounds silly to have to blow dry just a few inches of locks. But there are actually blow dry benefits that we do not know about. I will list some of them, but before I do, I would like to thank Rakis on Collins hairdressing salon for giving me a lot of information on how to take care of my hair and enlightening me with blow dry benefits

First, styling with dry hair is easier. You would have to need a blow-dry for it to be really dry because using a towel just won’t cut it. If you use gel, wax, or hair paste, applying them on wet hair is just going to make your hair look greasy. Also, with dry hair, the hair products will be able to work their magic properly. If you plan on using hair products, you can start by blow-drying your hair and use a comb to sweep it to the direction you want. Then, blow dry your hair with a brush. In this way, your hair will not be unruly after drying it because if you do not tame your hair when you blow dry, the hair might just get all messed up in your head. Having to fix it after is just going to take a lot of time. 

Second, it adds volume to your hair. If you prefer a messy do that does not look like you just got out of bed, then a blow dry is the solution. I think this is the same for women because I heard that blow-drying their hair adds a little volume to their long locks. If that is the case, then I guess that is one of the things hairdryers do and not just simply drying our hair. 

Another benefit of blow drying is it gives your hair direction. An example of this is when you have a mohawk hairdo or a sleek haircut. When you have a mohawk, drying your hair will help give you the all-day upward do. All you have to do is brush your hair upwards and accompany it with the blow-dry touching your hair. On the other hand, if you have a sleek haircut or are opting to look like you just came from a GQ shoot, a blow-dry is your weapon. But before you do that, it is advisable that you use conditioner after you shampoo. After, part your hair in the way you want it and then start blow drying it with the help of a brush. Your hair will surely look neat and full instead of frizzy and unkempt.

Blow-drying can also straighten your hair. I don’t know why I’m just saying this now after I already discussed three other benefits of blow-drying. Nonetheless, blow-drying makes your hair straight for obvious reasons. This is going to be helpful for men who have curly and unruly hair. Again, use a brush when you blow dry and start from the roots. 

Last but not the least is that blow-drying helps you gain the confidence you need. Who said that hair is the crowning glory of women only? It is for men too, well, for a good number. Blow-drying your hair helps you achieve the hairstyle you have always wanted without having to pay for a lot. The downside of this is that when you are just starting to get the hang of it as a part of your morning routine, it might take you a lot of time. You would think that adding this to your grooming is unnecessary and you can just use a comb or your fingers to fix your hair. Although there is nothing wrong with not blow-drying, if you are the type who wants to achieve hair goals and who wants to look the best in any situation, then blow-drying will not be a problem. In time, you will get used to it being part of your morning routine that it only takes a few minutes to get your hair dry for the style you want.

I mentioned earlier that I got the benefits from someone in Rakis on Collins. Since I am a fan of this premiere salon, allow me to say a few things about it. 

The salon was established by Stavros Tavrou in 1983. At first, it was just a one-man salon where he was the receptionist, hair stylist, and manager all at once. He must have been really good (and he is) because a year later, he was invited to style the band members of U2. He was able to expand Rakis with a lot of help from his customers. No, he did not ask them to create ads for him. Instead, his customers spread the word about Rakis and the expertise of the owner that is why it has come to be this famous in Melbourne. Aside from that, Stavros Tavrou shares why his salon is different from others. He says that at Rakis, they make sure that you feel you are given the much needed and deserved attention. And I personally felt this once I entered their doors.


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