My Choice to Live Outside of the City

townhouseMany of my friends find me a bit strange, because in my late 20’s I am so concerned about my health. Most of the people in my age still feel like they are decades away from illness, and live in a way that damages their bodies. However, I believe that what I do with my life and my body will affect my future, so if I wanted to stay healthy for as long as I can, I have to take care now.

I seriously believe that urban living can be bad for health. I grew up outside of the city, and I have great memories of playing outside where it’s green and safe. When I moved to the city to study in university, I really missed the fresh air I was used to when I was young. After a few years, when I finally made up my mind to invest in my own place, I decided to buy outside of the city. This is why I started searching for an off the plan townhouses expert in Melbourne.

Some factors led me to this decision, that urban living was dangerous for my health in these specific ways:

  1. It is not good for the mental health

I have read studies that proved people who live in the cities are more likely to suffer mental illness. To be specific, there is a 21% higher risk to develop an anxiety disorder and a 39% higher risk of developing a mood disorder. Researchers link this to stress. Living in the city increases stress levels in our bodies, and this was also proven after brain scans were compared. Urbanites have increased activity specifically in 2 brain regions, in the parts that are responsible for processing emotions and stress.

  1. The pace of life is much faster

Do you notice how everyone seems to be rushing in the city all the time? In fact, everything seems to happen at a faster pace. Even if you think that there is no problem with such a pace, your body is always in stress and you might find it more difficult to really relax.

  1. The air you breathe is polluted

Highly populated areas can be dangerous to your health. Normally, these areas have more cars and even factories that produce air pollution. Researchers have over and over again proven how much higher the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas and fine particulate matter (PM) are in these cities. Moreover, they have also linked these to higher chances of suffering from coronary artery disease, heart disease, and lung cancer.

  1. Your immune system is in overdrive

Where I grew up, I did not know any kid that suffered from asthma or any other allergy. However, in the city where I live, it seems that the children have so many issues. This has also been proven by studies, that urbanites have more and stronger allergic reactions to common allergens than those who live in the rural areas.

Even asthma is so common because of the pollution in the air, as well as being more stressed and living in homes that collect these microbes and allergens from outside.

  1. The city is too loud

Part of living in the city is being exposed to noise all the time. Whether it’s from cars honking outside or the sirens of ambulances passing by, it is very rare to find truly peaceful and quiet moments in the city. This can be deadly for us because research has found a link between noise levels and a higher risk of stroke.

  1. Too much light is also bad for us

The idea of living in the city that does not sleep is actually ideal. Our bodies rely on darkness to stimulate the natural sleep and wake cycle and when it is too bright, we might end up not getting the right amount and depth of sleep that the body needs. This can eventually lead to chronic illnesses like diabetes and increases your risk of being obese.

  1. Social structures are different

Even though you have collected friends in the city, it cannot make up for the fact that you are anonymous to your neighbors and to most people around you. Not only does that increase the risk of isolation and depression, but also, there are no helpful neighbors who are willing to help you in times of emergency. This is completely different in the suburbs, where everyone knows everyone and they look out for each other.

Of course, when I lived in the city as a student and as a young man, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to go out and living close to where the action was. However, it did take a toll on me as I grew up in a different environment and missed the green sceneries and the fresh air. Therefore, as soon as I found the perfect townhouse for me, I eagerly packed up and set up home outside but still within a reasonable distance from the city.


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