Vibration Machine for Weight Loss: The Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

It’s a few more weeks before the whole world will come together to celebrate the most festive season of the year. Personally, I am more interested in what the New Year will bring and I am pretty sure you are, too. And while you may already be thinking about that perfect present to give this holiday season either to yourself or to someone you hold dear, hold that thought as I have something for you. I know you might think this is odd, but I’m really thinking about the perfect vibration machine to buy for a Christmas gift that I can give to a dear friend of mine.

Yes, you got that right. After all the musings, I’ve finally figured it out. This is the perfect gift I could ever give to my friend. You should consider it, too. Here’s why.

Most of the folks that I have met have this intense desire to lose weight. As a matter of fact, even before they open their Christmas presents, they are already thinking of what to include in their New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, many eventually fail for a number of reasons, but more because of the time needed to produce the kind of weight loss that is longer-lasting. They know that they need to watch what they’re eating while also paying close attention to their physical activities.

The main issue is that their other commitments may get in the way of weight loss physical exercises. For instance, if they manage to run at about 8 kilometres per hour, they will only be burning about 450 to 500 calories. If they swim freestyle for a good one hour, they’ll be shaving about 550 to 600 calories as long as they swim fast enough.

My friend has the same concern. She has always wanted to lose weight yet her commitments at work and her family simply prevent her from spending more time to exercise.

That is why I honestly believe that by giving her only the best vibration machine, I can somehow help her out in her weight loss goals.

Vibration machines are very small yet very useful exercise equipment that can help you lose weight by simply planting your feet firmly on a vibrating platform. As the platform moves, it sends hundreds of vibrations per second towards the rest of the body, more specifically the muscles. These vibrations contract and relax each individual muscle tissue so that it simulates a muscle being exercised. And since these vibrations are continuously sent throughout the body, the muscles contract and relax at an amazing speed.

Now, if we know muscle contraction it always requires energy and this energy is supplied in the body by calories. So, if you are sending vibrations to all the muscle groups, you are stimulating these muscles to use energy.

Don’t believe me? Consider this. Spending only 15 minutes on a vibration machine is already equivalent to swimming freestyle for about half an hour or jogging for an hour. It’s also equivalent to riding your bicycle for 60 minutes.

And you know what the best part is? You’re spending these 15 minutes doing nothing. You’re simply standing on the machine or you could very well be seated on your couch with your feet firmly on the vibration platform.

You could be doing your homework, preparing dinner for the family, or even watching your favourite TV show and you’d still be losing weight.

Now tell me if I am making a serious mistake buying a vibration machine to give as present to my friend this coming Christmas. I’m pretty sure you would do the same.


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